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Olivia Maruoka-Srader

Olivia is an artist who specializes in using leather to bring her botanical creations to life. 
Many of her works are on display at the Lakewood Arts Gallery in Denver CO.

Prior to becoming an Artist, Olivia ran various successful business in the U.S.A. and abroad. ​

She feels gratitude when creating art from leather and wants to share her inspiration and techniques through the Leather Craft Institute with everyone who wants to express themselves in new ways using leather as a medium.

She currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband Robert and their cat "Red".


Robert Srader

Growing up in Montana I was surrounded by nature, mountains, wildlife and cowboys. 

I always thought of leather in the context of useable items such as boots, saddles, belts and the like.

One day in 2003, I came across a piece of art made from leather. The store owner, who was friends with the artist, helped me secure a spot in the artist’s upcoming class where he taught us how to turn a piece of ordinary leather into art and I immediately fell in love with the process.

Working with leather has brought me absolute joy and is a wonderful contrast to the logical, left-brained discipline of working with computers.  Every time I step into the art studio, the beautiful aroma of leather brings back fond childhood memories of going to western supply stores and the wonderful aroma inside the store.


Olivia Maruoka-Srader

2018 International Federation of Leather Guilds Show (IFoLG)

1st Place

2019 International Federation of Leather Guilds Show (IFoLG)

1st Place

2019 Lakewood Arts

Masks & Hats Show

1st Place

Robert Srader

2019 Colorado's Best Show

2020 Artist Choice Award Show

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