Leather Craft Institute

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A group of Leather Crafters gathered their efforts to facilitate the education, training and enjoyment of leathercraft. Robert, Chris, Kathy and Olivia are the pioneers. From here there is no limit to the expansion of their dream.

The Leather Craft Institute wants to reach people of all skill levels to guide them in discovering this wonderful medium for art expression. In our eyes, leather craft offers an infinite number of possibilities and we are excited to share ideas and methods with our followers.

The Leather Craft Institute will frequently introduce new training videos, patterns, and guidebooks, from a variety of instructors, that will allow learners to progress from beginner to intermediate and advanced leather work over the course of days, weeks, months, years, at their own pace.

The Leather Craft Institute is the central hub for sharing the collective knowledge of leather craft, from a diverse group of skilled professionals, in a user-friendly structured learning environment.

Please join us on this journey and learn what it is like to

create amazing things with leather!

Thank You.