About the Founders: Robert and Olivia

Robert and Olivia have been successfully self-employed entrepreneurs and corporate officers earlier in their lives. Now, while preparing for their golden years they decided to actively pursue their passion for making leather craft accessible to everyone. The first step was to utilize Robert’s computer skills to build an online training site.

Robert has spent his entire career as a computer support specialist and never really pursued any type of artistic endeavors until he was introduced by a customer to a leather art class on how to make an Arabian horse. He has been hooked ever since. Robert has now been a student of leather craft for over 10 years. He was mentored by J.F. Schoonover, whos art followed the style pioneered by Rob Barr. Robert’s creations are often extreme embossed wildlife pictures with amazing visual effects such as feathers, hair, realistic eyes and landscapes.

Olivia had been dabbling with art for years but could not find a medium that harmonized with her until Robert showed her how to make a leather rose. She was impressed with the flexibility and adaptability that leather offers. Since that summer afternoon in 2017 Olivia has made and sold hundreds of leather flowers. She made most of her own patterns and applied a bit of her Japanese heritage in her compositions.


Robert and Olivia want to reach people of all skill levels to guide them in discovering this wonderful medium for art expression. In their eyes there is an infinite number of possibilities and they cannot wait to start sharing their ideas and methods with you.

They are planning to introduce new training videos, patterns and guide books that will allow you to progress from beginner to intermediate and advanced leather work over the course of days, weeks, months and years if you wish. They are also looking forward to sharing the collective knowledge from a diverse group of skilled instructors.


Please join them on this journey and learn what it is like to create amazing things with leather!

Thank You.