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Welcome to the Leather Craft Institute


We wish to share the amazing realm of leather with people of all skill levels and to make leather craft fun and exciting, from inspiration, production, exhibitions, to simple enjoyment.

Our training guides and how-to videos will teach you ways to express

yourself artistically in entirely new ways, using leather as a medium.


You can start creating with leather today!

Let us show you how to start making things with leather using nothing more than

a piece of leather, a pair of scissors and a ballpoint pen.



Leather Art and Craft Courses


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Art and Craft Courses

In these courses you will create a beautiful leather pieces.

By completing these projects you will learn basic leather craft techniques that you can apply to other projects and create your own style.


We are confident you will find them educational and rewarding.


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How to Make a

Wearable Leather Rose

 You will learn techniques with a number of pro-tips, to create a Leather Rose brooch, lapel-pin, hair clip or fashion accessory. Once completed, you will have a wearable piece of Leather Art!


How to Make a

Leather Calla Lily

In this class you will create a beautiful leather Calla Lily flower arrangement with greenery.